Etant Donnés, Nîmes, October 2022.
The bags carried out of the places of monstration of the art draw circuits of connections, meetings and discussions. 
This book was designed with the point of all the font I have in my computer. 270 pages, A5 format, black and white. September 2022. 
Throwing a Rubber Band in the Air to Get a Circle
(Thirty-Six Attempts). July 2022
Gestalt, enamelled plate from a collection of 64 forms, ( 3 copies of each). 2022.
Left, Right, “The painting doesn't make the painter”, 2022.
Artefacts, black painted packaging, dimensions variable, 2022.
produits dérivés
Derived Products, 2022.
Sticker duo, 2022.
Gestalt, enamelled plate from a collection of 64 forms, ( 3 copies of each), 2022.
Champs Libres ( free field), variations from the graphic elements of the administrative forms, square and dotted line. Postcard and black and white book. 2021
In Our Hands, photography, 2021.
Tower Of Babel, More than 40 books with titles starting with "Tyranny" are stacked with the titles on the left side. 2022.
Triangular. Work, time and materiality
Black Square, Blake Circle, Black Cross, Black Triangle, catalogue page, canvas printed from a digital file. 2021.
Volume, unlimited edition. 2021.
Transitional Objects, unlimited edition, 2021.
Spinning Top, 2021.
Spinning Top. Photographs
Carré, Square, quadrato. Three squares to fold, the colours draw the folds, 2021.
The Travellers. Photographs
Everything Is Alright. Photography. 2021.
Liver Crisis. Book of Photographs. "Liver attack" lists all the chocolate desserts I have eaten in the year from 2 December 2020 to 2 December 2021. 
2 December is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. 
In Advance Of The Disappearing Snow, 2022.
Perpetual Calendar, non-leap years.
Repentirs, “The painting doesn't make the painter”, 2022.
Geographia. Silk-screen prints.
( in collaboration with Atelier Arçay)
16 city cards with color names, 2021.
The Travellers. Photographs
"The Painting Doesn't Make The Painter”, 2021.
On Stage, "The Painting Doesn't Make The Painter”.
Enamelled plate, 2021.
Four color printing on 100% linen fabrics; "Here are some tasks that are not household”.
3 months, 3 weeks and two days, 17 lists created during the containment weeks, 2020.
Goodies, replace the names of brands and Peoples with high quality intellectuals.
The Travellers. Photographs.
"Like rabbits caught in the headlights of a car", video, 10 mn, extracts, 2017.
Series of three tea towels, 2019.
Heroines Are Tired, repainted advertising poster, 2020.
Geographia. 16 city maps with color names
Smell Like Teen Spirit, perfume designed from the olfactory memories of my childhood.
Banner of pennants, in response to the day of overshoot which advances year by year, 2020.
Here And Now, a page to write, (Last page of the book of Catherine Millet, History and geography of contemporary art.
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